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Informative Interview

Consulting Services

With nearly twenty years of experience in Procurement and Supplier Management, Procure Solution offers insights to negotiation strategies and pricing for all of your facility services needs.  By reviewing current contracts or purchasing terms, upcoming contracts and creating new contracts with new pricing, we will work with you to ensure your pricing and terms are competitive and with quality suppliers.

Consulting Services: Projects

New or Incumbent Supplier Strategic Negotiations

Standing Meeting

We work with your supplier list and can provide other suppliers for your consideration.

Facility Services Assessment and Recommendations

Casual Business Meeting

A thorough review of existing and newly Procure Solution negotiated contracts key business terms, scope(s) of work, key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why Procure Solution?

Procure Solution offers your company the following benefits that our competition simply does not.

Instead of an hourly rate or a fixed fee, Procure Solution receives a percentage of your savings and cost avoidance we negotiate on your behalf at the close of the project.  Any improved contractual terms are subject to a small fee based on volume and impact.  Engaging with Procure Solution is virtually financially risk free!

Procure Solution believes supplier and client relationships are important.  We understand that many companies have a solid history of doing business with certain suppliers and interact with them daily on-site.  Procure Solution is supplier agnostic and does not have contracts with any suppliers.  We facilitate healthy discussions with suppliers for superior results for our clients.

Bottom line is we take a personal approach to procurement without the use of automation.  We know facilities sourcing, how to successfully perform negotiations across a huge amount of facilities subcategories and what makes a solid contract and pricing for implementing facilities services at your company's location(s).  Just because we are based in Michigan, does not limit us to operating in Michigan.  With sourcing expertise of impacting hundreds of client locations, we can successfully source your business's facility services needs across as many locations as you require.

Consulting Services: Features
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